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Monday, January 13, 2014


 from  ABOUT.COM
People all over the globe are reporting and recording strange, loud, unexplained sounds that seem to be coming from the sky. Recordings have been made in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ukraine, Poland, Sweden, Germany, Costa Rica, Chile, and more. As of January 28, there have been more than 140 documented events. Some might be hoaxes, but most are believed to be genuine, yet of unknown origin. Explanations include:
  • Electronmagnetic phenomena caused by solar storms, also responsible for aurora.
  • The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP).
  • A waterphone musical instrument.
  • Military experimentation
  • UFOs (some of the reports below include UFOs).
  • Warnings of the apocalypse (by whom or what?).
  • Hoaxes.
Here is a roundup of a few dozen reports in date order:

August 10, 2009 - Michigan

Sounds like: Deep, tuba-like. Attributed to triangular UFO videotaped.

December, 2010 (unknown location)

Sounds like: Weird roaring sound that went on for more than 30 minutes; scared dog.

August 11, 2011 - Kiev, Ukraine

Sounds like: Deep roaring, scraping, horn-like.

August 17, 2011 - Lviv, Ukraine

Sounds like: Loud, metallic horn.

August 22, 2011 - Colorado

Sounds like: Deep thumping, like Godzilla stomping through the mountains.

September 11, 2011 - Montreal, Canada

Sounds like: Undulating, electronic.

December 5, 2011 - Tennessee

Sounds like: Loud jet engine and wind that went on for about an hour.

January 2012 - Scotland

Sounds like: Loud motor-like grinding; attributed in the video to a UFO.
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January 6, 2012 - East Coast U.S.

Sounds like: "You'll hear a jet-fighter and another jet-fighter. But you have to listen to the sound in the background. That's the strange mechanical sound." Deep hum.

Friday, November 22, 2013


Symmes' Hole imageIllustration from the October 1882 issue of Harper's New Monthly Magazine, showing the appearance of Symmes' Hole near the North Pole.
One can never be sure just how serious they are about it, but there does exist a group of people who call themselves the "Flat-Earth Society" (remember the news item about the old gentleman who was invited to Cape Kennedy to watch an Apollo moon launch, but came away convinced that it was all a hoax?). There is another group, equally vocal, who believe that the earth is hollow. Several years ago, a group of "believers" informed a member of the Geophysical Institute staff that there was an opening to the center of the earth in the Alaska Range, and that this was an entry and exit point for flying saucers.
Modern-day proponents of the hollow earth theory can refer nonbelievers to the book The Hollow Earth (Bell Publishing Company, 1979) by Raymond Bernard. Bernard, judging from the initials he lists behind his name, holds just about every advanced academic degree, but is apparently somewhat of a recluse. As a spokesman for the publisher states in a foreword to the book, "I will not enter into any correspondence regarding this book--or the author. Whether you accept or reject the content of this book is your privilege. No one cares."
The crux of the hollow earth theory is that the earth is a shell with walls about 800 miles thick. In the polar regions there are holes 1400 miles across, with edges that curve smoothly from the outside of the shell around to the inside. A sea or surface traveler could proceed over an edge of the hole, like an ant crawling over the lip of a coffee mug from the outside to the inside, and not be aware that he was actually entering the interior of the earth. Bernard explains that the holes have never been seen from the air because pilots are fooled by their compasses into believing that they are crossing the pole, when they are actually following the hole's "magnetic rim". Thus aircraft never really fly over the geographic poles, which naturally mark the centers of the holes themselves. As irrefutable proof of his claim, he cites Admiral Byrd's statement, "I'd like to see that land beyond the Pole. That area beyond the Pole is the Great Unknown."
The hollow earth theory actually seems to have been originated in the early 1800s by John Symmes, an earnest American who devoted the greater part of his later life to convincing the world that the earth was formed by a series of concentric shells.
Symmes believed that there were miles of wondrous unclaimed domain beneath our feet, with lush vegetation and fish and game for the taking. Apparently, there were those who took him seriously. As reported in the October 1882 issue of Harper's New Monthly Magazine, a Mr. Howgate had recently been in the news, proposing that an expedition be made to discover "Symmes' Hole." His plan was to have a number of men acclimate themselves to higher and higher latitudes, moving further north each year. They were to observe the animals that presumably wintered over within the earth each year and emerged during the spring to bear young. Eventually, the colony of men were to follow the animals in the fall to find where they entered into that marvelous land at the center of the earth.
Sadly for this romantic concept, if today's believers are correct, the only thing that they would find there now are flying saucers.


Bigfoot Boy

Here's an old wives' tale from the hills of Tennessee and this has to take the cake as the strangest story ever told - anywhere. In our little village-like town there are a lot of circulating stories about Bigfoot, and this is one that gets passed down that is just baffling, but might be true. Not only does it take the cake, but walks off with a bakery.
Back in the early 1920s somewhere in the Smokies there was a woman and her husband who were driving along an unpaved dirt road around nightfall. Their car blew a flat tire on a rock or something. Her husband got out to fix it and, having no spare, nightfall came and they couldn't see anything out there so they had no choice but to sleep for the night out in the car. At some point during the night, the wife got out to do who-knows-what and began to hear strange grunts or at least noises. She was grabbed up by none other than Bigfoot and - now get this - she was impregnated!!!
Oh, the story gets stranger. Now she and her husband the next morning fixed the car and headed back to town. Apparently, as the tale goes, nine or so months later she gave birth to (I know, I'm laughing too) a Bigfoot baby. This is real folklore out here! The baby had no hair even after several months and had a protruding apelike forehead. They named him "Montgomery" and he was raised as one of their own. He was reputed to be a bit of a wild boy. He would forage for wood from other people's homes, ripping apart anything and stashing it behind their home. He grew extremely large in short periods and refused to eat any meat, but reportedly would eat leaves outdoors at times. They claimed him mentally retarded, but after he began to grow to over five feet by age nine or so, the story didn't hold up any longer.
They tried to school him, but he was too wild for any school curriculum. They began to teach him about the woods and how to survive out there and at age 12 he lived off in the wild but came back all dirty visiting his home regularly. He was reported to be very large (7-8 feet tall at adulthood), completely hairless and would groan and howl at times from back in the woods. Often times it was said that he would raid fruit orchards for wind-fallen fruit (which I'm sure he's been shot at for as well).
When I was a kid growing up, my grandmother used to show me their old house back in the woods and scoff at that being the old "Bigfoot boy house" and tell me this story. His last reported sighting was in the mid-1970s as he was lumbering around a nearby farm road then hid quickly once the car came up and he was spotted. Some town's folk used to try to bring Montgomery food to which he would give them a gruff response and just take it.
Could this possibly be a true story? I would sure love to find out if there are other such stories of this as this is by far the weirdest tale I've ever heard. And probably true - maybe.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Is there a connection among chupacabras and the various small, vicious, flying monsters that have terrorized unsuspecting people around the globe for decades? Here's what they look like and what they've been up to.
THE FULL MOON rose above the mountain in the cloudless night, shining like a pale yellow lantern into the farmer's bedroom. But that is not what awoke him. It was the chickens. Their panicked cries had awoken him before, and it meant they were under attack. Wild dogs had gotten into the coop, the farmer thought, or perhaps a wolf. He leapt from bed, grabbed his shotgun from the bedroom corner and hurried outside. He checked the gun for cartridges as he jogged barefoot past the long, soft shadows cast by the moonlight toward the chicken coop. The predator will die tonight, he thought, as he pushed open the small door to the coop. He burst in and took aim. But he did not shoot. Instead, he froze, his senses overwhelmed by the sight before him. Several chickens lay dead in the dirt around the clawed feet of a creature the farmer had never seen before. This was no dog, no wolf. It stood on two feet at about the height of a small child. It had dark, scaly skin and a ridge of porcupine-like spines running across its head and down its back. In its short arms ending in sharp claw-like hands, the creature held a chicken to its mouth. It was not eating its prey, but seemed to be sucking the life from it. It turned to face the farmer, its red eyes blazing, and dropped the chicken to the ground. It hissed, baring its large blood-stained fangs. Then it screeched - an unearthly, terrifying noise that drove the farmer backward into the doorway. The creature, with its front claws dangling, hopped like some mutant kangaroo toward the farmer. Dumbstruck, he stumbled backward out of the coop as the creature hopped past him with another deafening shriek. The farmer was knocked to the ground, and he could feel rough, scaly skin of the creature as it passed, and felt the warm, sickening smell of its putrid breath on his face. The creature sprung onto the roof of the coop, spread short, dark, bat-like wings, and with two bounding hops flew away into the darkness. It was only then that the farmer remembered he had his shotgun. He brought it to bear, but it was too late. The creature from hell had disappeared with one last shriek that echoed off the distant mountains.
Although this might sound like some horror story fantasy, it is actually based on the eyewitness accounts and experiences of those who have encountered the enigmatic creature known as el chupacabras - "the goatsucker."
The description, however, also seems to fit a number of other strange creatures that have been seen over the decades - creatures people have identified as gargoyles, the Jersey Devil and the Monkey Man. It's worth examining the similarities and considering whether these all might be sightings of the same mysterious creature.
The now-famous chupacabras first came on the scene, as far as we know, in the summer of 1975 when several farm animals in Puerto Rico were found dead. The bodies had strange puncture-like marks on their necks. The sightings intensified in the 1990s as the chupacabras' appetite seemed to grow. In some cases, farmers reported that literally hundreds of their animals were inexplicably slaughtered. Invariably, the animals were not eaten by any predator, but were horribly mutilated or drained of blood - hence the name, "goatsucker." In 1991, a male dog was found dead, with nothing inside. "It was as if all had been sucked out through the eyes," the report said. "It had empty eye sockets and all the internal organs had disappeared."
For a while, the carnage seemed to be confined to the island of Puerto Rico, but toward the end of the 1990s and into the 2000s, sightings began to be reported on other Caribbean islands, in Mexico, Central America, Chile and even the southern U.S. in Florida, Arizona and Texas. In April-June in Chile of 2002, in fact, it was reported that authorities had even captured the chupacabras, which may have been taken away by people representing the U.S. government.
The descriptions of the creature over this time has remained fairly consistent:

  • three to five feet tall
  • dark gray facial skin
  • coarse hair on the body, and several reports said it has a chameleon-like appearance, with the ability to change from purple to brown to yellow
  • black eyes, or glowing orange or red eyes
  • a wolf-like or canine nose
  • sharp fangs
  • short forearms with three-fingered claw-like "hands"
  • a row of fins, spikes or quills running down the length of its back
  • stands on two powerful-looking hind legs and clawed feet
  • often hops on the ground, like a kangaroo, rather than walks (at least one witness claimed it could leap as far as 20 feet in one bound)
  • some reported bat-like wings that enable the chupacabras to fly
  • it makes a hissing noise that often makes witnesses nauseous
The chupacabras phenomenon continues up to this day, with the recent reports of attacks continuing to come out of South American countries, including Chile and Argentina. In many of these cases, chupacabras - although not seen - was blamed for the deaths of chickens and other farm animals that were mutilated and drained of blood.
From About.Com

Friday, November 1, 2013


An abandoned nest-like structure was found covered by branches and grass in the remote forests of Arizona, in the Southwest United States. The discovered lair is believed to be a possible home of the legendary Bigfoot.
Researcher and Bigfoot expert Mitch Waite and his wife discovered and filmed the nest. With a narrow entrance and hollowed inside, the lair is buried halfway underground in the deep woods of the Tonto National Forest on the Mogollon Rim. The nest is reported as belonging to a big
-foot type creature called the Mogollon Monster.

From  http://www.weirdwiltshire.co.uk/archives/category/the-unexplained/paranormal/strange-creatures

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


from ufoevidence.com

Crop Circles

Crop circles celebrated twenty five years of age this year. This little known fact will come as a surprise to most people. It will also be somewhat of a revelation to many that when this phenomenon began on that fateful night in Warminster, England, it was in very modest terms in the form of a simple, elegant circle of pressed wheat some 30 ft in diameter. Two and a half decades and some 9000 formations later, crop circles have grown into complex mathematical fractals, in lengths up to three quarters of a mile, in area coverage as large as 36,000 square ft, and in geographic location. Crop circles- or agriglyphs- can now be found in most countries around the globe. The issue is that no man-made crop circle has satisfactorily replicated the features associated with the real phenomenon which has baffled scientists and researchers.Worldwide, some 4000 crop circles have been created by a force totally at odds with modern science. (Freddy Silva, History of Crop Circles, The Crop Circular)

key articles, documents & resources

Crop Circles: A Brief Synopsis

Canadian Crop Circle Research Network (CCCRN)

Crop Circles 101: an outline of the current state of knowledge about the phenomenon, including history, the scientific evidence, related anomalies and other types of circular phenomena.

The Crop Circle Phenomenon: History, Science and Related Anomalies

Canadian Crop Circle Research Network (CCCRN)

Crop Circles 101: an outline of the current state of knowledge about the phenomenon, including history, the scientific evidence and other related anomalies.

other articles & documents

A Brief Education on Crop Circles

Freddy Silva, The Crop Circular

'So it's all done with planks and bits of string, is it?' A crash course on crop circles for beginners. R

Anatomical anomalies in crop formation plants (PDF) PDF Document

W. C. Levengood, BLT Research Team (published in Physiologia Plantarum)

In the present paper. evidence is presented which indicates that structural and cellular alterations take place in plants exposed within the confines of the 'circle' type formations. differences which were determined to be statistically significant when compared with control plants taken outside the formations. These transformations were manifested at the macroscopic level as abnormal nodal swelling. gross malformations during embryogenesis, and charred epidermal tissue. Significant changes in seed germination and development were found. and at the microscopic level differences were observed in cell wall pit structures. Affected plants also have characteristics suggesting the involvement of transient high temperatures.

Boy In Holland Claims To Have Witnessed Crop Formation

Nancy Talbot, Director, BLT Crop Circle Research Team

"This event is in southern Holland - and it's concerning again this boy, Robert van den Broeke, who has the ability somehow to know when these things are getting ready to happen and who has been in the middle of a formation when it occurred - this was a couple of years ago. R

Circles of Note: Bibliography on the Crop Circles

Michael Chorost

Bibliographies always look rather dry. However, a careful reader can learn much from this one, since many of the entries have parentheti- cal summaries attached to them. Also, a close look at the topics will reveal the diversity of the crop circles phenomenon and the responses it has gathered. Finally, the sections on books, magazines, and studies include price and ordering information, where known. R

Crop Circles: Artworks or Alien Signs?

Hillary Mayell, National Geographic News, August 2, 2002

Mel Gibson's new film, Signs, is reviving public interest in the phenomenon of crop circles. It would be unfair to reveal what it is that's scaring Mel so badly in the world of movies. In the real world, the battle to explain the formations is a torrid wrestling match between artists and people who believe in other-worldly influences.  R

Crop Circles: Plant Abnormalities

BLT Research Team

The physical changes (listed below) documented in crop circle plants by Michigan biophysicist W.C. Levengood have been determined by evaluating hundreds of sample plants -- both downed and standing -- taken from inside the overall perimeter of each formation against hundreds of control plants taken at varying distances outside each formation, in several directions. More than 350 individual crop formations from multiple countries, over a 10-yr. period were examined.

Crop Circles: 'Signs from Above' or Human Artifacts?

Jacques Vallee

The early formations were simple circles, then circles with satellites. In later years more and more sophisticated and precisely-drawn geometric figures appeared. All the significant formations were observed in an area in close proximity to major research facilities of the British defense establishment, often in controlled airspace.  R

Crop Circles: The Formative Years 1972-1989

Freddy SIlva, The Crop Circular

So, by the appearance of a modest, elegant circle of pressed wheat some 30 ft in diameter in southern England began the study of crop circles in our era. Two and a half decades and some 10,000 formations later, crop circles have grown into complex mathematical fractals, in lengths up to three quarters of a mile, and covering areas as large as 200,000 square ft. Crop circles- or agriglyphs- can now be found in most countries around the globe.  R

Findings of a Magnetic Signature in some Crop Circles

Colin Andrews - 18th August 2000

An estimated 20% of crop circles show no evidence of being made by people, while 80% do. On Wednesday the 9th of August, I announced on national television and radio the outcome of an ongoing investigation into aspects of the crop circle mystery.  R

Origin of Crop Circles Baffles Scientists

Leslie Kean, The Providence Journal

SINCE THE RECENT release of the movie Signs, crop circles have been thrust into the limelight. Such major publications as Scientific American and U.S. News and World Report have echoed the common belief that all crop circles are made by stealthy humans flattening plants with boards. This assumption would be fair enough if we had no information suggesting otherwise. However, intriguing data published in peer-reviewed scientific journals clearly establishes that some of these geometric designs, found in dozens of countries, are not made by "pranks with planks." In fact, a study about to be published by a team of scientists and funded by Laurance Rockefeller concludes "it is possible that we are observing the effects of a new or as yet undiscovered energy source."  R

Peculiarities of Crop Circles

Crop Circle Central

There are a number of observations that have been made over the years that seem to indicate that there are particular characteristics that "genuine" (or non-mandmade) formations appear to exhibit. Some of the observations are listed below:  R

Rockefeller Funding Serious Crop Circle Investigations (press report)

The Independent, 19th May 1999

THE enduring mystery of Wiltshire's crop circles is coming under the gaze of one of America's wealthiest men. Laurance Rockefeller is funding research into the puzzling patterns that have spawned a host of theories embracing everything from alien spacecraft to freak wind conditions.  R

The Biophysics of Crop Circles

Freddy Silva, The Crop Circular

Biological and physical effects and changes on plants in crop circles.

The Crop Busters

The Sunday Times Magazine, September 15, 2002

For years, crop circles have been taken as seriously as UFOs and fairies. Now, not only have the weird patterns arrived in Hollywood, but scientists are trying to solve the mystery. And the answer may lie in the soil. R

The Crop Circle Phenomenon - A Beginner's Guide

Andy Thomas (Swirled News)

Huge, complex and beautiful patterns are being found swirled into crop fields around the world every year. Their origin and purpose remains a complete mystery. Despite attempts to dismiss them as the work of human artists, some believe the evidence points to a much stranger explanation. Wherever they come from, these spectacular designs often display very clear symbolism, scientific, esoteric and astronomical, and demonstrate some extraordinary unexplained effects. R

Theories on the Formation of Crop Circles

Brian Hussey (Crop Circle Central)

The following outline is a summary of theories and working hypotheses regarding the mechanisms of crop circle formation. What is presented here is a synopsis of published findings and theories, and in no way does it pretend to be the final word.  R

US billionaire funds crop circle research (press report)

BBC, 20th May 1999

US billionaire Laurance Rockefeller is to fund the UK's biggest survey of crop circles.  R

websites & organizations

BLT Research Team

The BLT Research Team Inc.'s primary goal is the discovery and scientific documentation of physical changes induced in plants, soils and other materials at crop circle sites by the energy (or energy system) responsible for creating them and to determine, if possible, from these data the specific nature and source of these energies. Secondly, our intent is to publish these research results in peer-reviewed scientific journals and to disseminate this information to the general public.

Canadian Crop Circle Research Network (CCCRN)

A non-profit research organization which has been investigating the crop circle phenomenon and other possibly related phenomena in Canada since 1995, creating a liason between researchers, farmers, scientists, media and the public; it is the only such group of researchers specifically investigating Canadian formations on an ongoing basis.

Lucy Pringle's Photograph Library

Lucy Pringle

Lucy is one of the world's leading crop circle photographers. Hers are among the best photographs available portraying the enigmatic crop circle mystery.

Swirled News

Southern Circular Research

Informed reports, reviews and commentary on happenings and discoveries in the world of crop circles, provided by the Southern Circular Research organisation.

The Crop Circular

Serious research on crop circles and nothing but crop circles. Articles and research on Crop Circles, by Freddy Silva.

The History of Crop Circles

Freddy Silva, The Crop Circular

In-depth, year-by-year history of the crop circle phenomenon.

The International Crop Circle Database

Crop Circle Research.com

The world's first, interactive, fully searchable online catalogue of crop formations. This database hopefully forms the 'definitive' database of crop formations available on the internet. Our archives go back to the 1950's and even earlier. With over 2200 formations logged, our database contains the most comprehensive online database of crop circles in the world.

Friday, February 22, 2013



With no home video or surveillance footage confirming the giant animal to be a gorilla, is it possible that Bigfoot or Sasquatch could be roaming the state of Alabama?
Bigfoot, whose existence was confirmed in 1902, has been rumored to reside in the Pacific Northwest region of North America, but since 1958, Bigfoot sightings have occurred in the state of Alabama. Last year the state had two Bigfoot sightings. A witness told the Birmingham Free Press that the beast was very large, thick shouldered and tall. At least seven feet tall ... [and] very dark brown.
The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) has said that there have been over 60 Bigfoot sightings in the state since 1980. According to the Birmingham Free Press there have been over 3,700 sightings nationally in the same time period.
Hale County Sheriff's office has yet to discover the gorilla or possible Bigfoot, but is slated to be releasing a statement soon.